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May 20, 2020

CDPs Most Popular with Best-Performing Marketers: Salesforce Research

CDPs Most Popular with Best-Performing Marketers: Salesforce Research


There’s a ton of good information in this just-released State of Marketing report from Salesforce. The headline from a CDP view is that high-performing marketers listed CDP as the second-most commonly used technology while CDP ranked fifth for moderate performers and sixth for underperformers. They survey doesn’t show how many actually have a CDP but 38% of the total and 48% of high performers said they plan to use it more next year.

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Lack of Single Customer View is Biggest CX Challenge: Pointillist Report


Customer journey analysis vendor Pointillist also has a good new report. No specific mention of CDP but they did find that lack of a single customer view is the top customer experience challenge. Nearly one-third of high performers (31%) said they have accessible and unified customer data compared with 8% of average performers and 3% of underperformers. We all know correlation doesn’t prove causation but I know how I’m betting.

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Just 7% of B2B Marketers Have Fully Automated Personalization: ABM Report

Campaign Stars, Folloze, Terminus

Finally: this B2B survey from Folloze, Campaign Stars, and Terminus offers hard-to-find data on market share by vendor for marketing automation, personalization, chatbots, sales enablement, and other software categories. Just seven percent report they have fully automated their personalization programs.

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