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May 22, 2020

Adobe Adds Predictive Features to Audience Manager and Experience Platform

Adobe Adds Predictive Features to Audience Manager and Experience Platform


You do love Adobe headlines, Dear Reader. So although I’m not entirely impressed that Adobe Audience Manager has added an ability to predict which segment a new Web site visitor will eventually join, I’ll mention it. For good measure, I’ll throw in a separate Adobe announcement that they are adding AI-based predictive model scores and multi-touch attribution to Adobe Experience Platform.

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SmarterHQ Releases Predictive Model Builder


Personalization platform and CDP SmarterHQ also has a new predictive model builder. It creates different kinds of self-tuning models and SmarterHQ says it’s the only personalization platform to build predictions using all types of data, not just purchases. Seems unlikely but it’s an interesting claim.

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Openprise API Factory Converts Processes to APIs in One Click


Here’s another feature announcement: data orchestration platform and CDP Openprise has released API Factory, which transforms automated business processes into custom APIs. This makes it easy for other systems to call an Openprise processe as a service. Nice.

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