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February 13, 2017

Adtech Gets Social, Mobile, and Global

Hootsuite Takes AdEspresso To Go


The distinction between social media and paid advertising is too clear, said no one ever. Doing its part to keep the waters muddy, social media management platform Hootsuite recently purchased social media ad campaign platform AdEspresso. Hootsuite had already partnered with AdEspresso and five other social advertising platforms last October to let marketers manage social media campaigns from within Hootsuite. AdEspresso itself goes beyond mere campaign management to automatically generate thousands of ad variants, test them, and optimize the results.

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Spotad Takes $3.5 million and Moves to China


Spotad also automatically manages online ad campaigns, although its specialty is optimizing programmatic buying of mobile ads. It does this by analyzing broad market data and advertisers’ own marketing data to figure out the best time to run ads for a target demographic. Using artificial intelligence, of course. The Israel-based company just raised $3.5 million Series A and moved itself to China, the better to grow in that market.

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BlueKai Marketplace Adds Mobilewalla APAC Mobile Audiences

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Speaking of mobile ads in Asia, Mobilewalla has added its 400 million devices to the BlueKai Marketplace in the Oracle Data Cloud. It offers more than 100 demographic, behavioral, and intent-based segments in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. You’ll notice that China isn’t on the list, except for Hong Kong.

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