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June 2, 2020

Criteo Launches Self-Service Retail Ad Buying Platform

Criteo Launches Self-Service Retail Ad Buying Platform


Adtech vendor Criteo is making it easier for brands to purchase ads on retailer Web sites and apps with a self-service media buying platform. Several advantages here: an alternative to the Facebook/Google/Amazon triopology, targeting based with the retailers’ own first-party data, more efficient media buying, and more revenue source for struggling retailers.

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Tech Projects Moving Faster Due to Coronavirus: AppDynamics Study


Nearly all (95%) of technology departments have shifted priorities due to the pandemic, AppDynamics reports. On a positive note: 71% said they’ve implemented in weeks projects that would otherwise have taken months or years. And 88% said digital customer experience is now their top priority.

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Most B2B Buyers Are Still Buying: LeadMD Survey


Trying to stay positive: LeadMD found that 54% of B2B buyers are still buying despite COVID-19, while 26% have stopped making purchases. (The other 21% weren’t planning to buy anything to begin with.) Just 4% think brands should stop all marketing, although 15% think they should do less and 26% think they should be more sensitive.

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