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June 5, 2020

CustomerLabs Launches No-Code CDP for SMB

CustomerLabs Launches No-Code CDP for SMB


We have two new CDPs today, Dear Reader. First is Delaware-based CustomerLabs, a no-code CDP for small business marketers. The company started in 2014 as a tag manager and swears that marketers can set up custom integrations without help from developers. Pricing starts at free for a single data source and three destinations.

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Singapore-Based Antsomi Launches AI-Based CDP

Marketing Magazine

Halfway around the world, Singapore-based Antsomi launched CDP 365. They offer AI-based identity resolution, predictive models, and omnichannel marketing campaigns. The CDP is based on data analysis products that Antsomi has been selling since 2017.

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Snowflake Announces Cloud Data Marketplace


Back in the USA, analytical database vendor Snowflake, which powers a number of CDPs, announced a Data Cloud “ecosystem” of data providers and consumers. The cloud includes a data marketplace for third party data and a data exchange for second party data, both in public preview. They also announced private preview of features including data masking and tokenization for privacy.

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