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February 14, 2017

It's Valentine's Day: Let's Talk Relationships

Tag Commander Renames Itself Commanders Act

Commanders Act

It's Valentine’s Day, right? And Valentines Day is all about relationships, just like the customer data in CDPs is about relationships. So shouldn’t we really call it CDP Day? Or, at least, cover CDPs in today’s newsletter?  Let's start with TagCommander, a Paris-based CDP that has just renamed itself Commanders Act.  The aim is to clarify that they're now much broader than just tag management. The system now has modules for cross-identity data unification, attribution, and segmentation as well as tag management.

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mParticle Adds Roku Data Collection


CDP vendor mParticle has been building lots of its own relationships.  The latest is a Roku integration that lets it capture user behaviors and content consumption within native Roku apps.  It can then integrate these with other customer data. mParticle has also recently announced deals with Pinterest, Snapchat, and comScore. I wonder if they're juggling multiple dates tonight.  

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Vizio Settles with FTC Over Smart TV Viewing Histories

Federal Trade Commission

The thing about relationships is both parties must consent or it’s just plain stalking. Vizio seems to have forgotten the distinction.  A Federal Trade Commission complaint says they gathered detailed viewing histories on 11 million Smart TV owners without proper notification. The company then sold the information to advertisers. The viewing histories came with IP addresses which could be linked back to individuals, although Vizio contracts prohibited partners from doing that.  But buyers could and did append other personal information such as age, sex, income, and marital status and use it to target advertisements. Vizio paid the FTC and State of New Jersey a $2.2 million fine to settle the charges.

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