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June 8, 2020

Companies Can't Deliver Real-Time Interactions

Companies Can't Deliver Real-Time Interactions: Harvard Business Review Survey


Here’s an interesting survey about real-time analytics that Harvard Business Review Analytic Services produced for SAS, Intel, and Accenture. They found 60% of companies think real-time, cross-touchpoint interactions are important but just 16% are very effective at delivering them. There are similarly huge gaps for specific capabilities, such as translating data into actionable insight (83% important, 22% doing it). Download to find how many say marketing is in charge of customer experience and CX tech.

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Many Consumers Want Personalized Offers But Wouldn’t Trade Personal Data: Boxever Survey


On more traveled turf, this UK consumer survey from travel CDP Boxer found that 78% are frustrated when they get irrelevant messages, 67% would shop elsewhere after poor personalization, and 67% want personalized communications. But just 46% are willing to share personal data to get relevant personalized message in return. Not sure how the others think that’s going to happen.

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Lowes Offers Remote Home Repair Service


Inching a bit closer to reality, Lowes launched an augmented video chat service that lets workers remotely evaluate and sometimes complete repair and maintenance projects. It’s all browser based, so easily accessible to repair people and customers with little technology investment. Like other remote-working solutions, it will probably remain popular even after the pandemic has ended.

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