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June 9, 2020

Online Ad Spend Bounces Back

Online Ad Spend Bounces Back: Pixalate Study


There have been several studies in recent days reporting that ad spend is recovering from the pandemic-driven lows of March. This particular one from Pixalate reports a 40% increase in April/May for programmatic ads for Over-the-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV), compared with a 14% drop in March. Kids and Family apps on Roku grew by 128%.

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Roku Launches Shopper Data Program with Kroger as First Partner


And speaking of Roku, they just announced a new shopper data program to help track the impact on purchases of TV ads. Launch partner is Kroger Precision Marketing, which will provide purchase data and help to refine TV audience targeting. Smart TV/retail data alliances are increasingly common: they offer alternatives to Facebook/Google/Amazon and don’t rely on third party cookies.

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Facebook Content Moderation is ‘Grossly Inadequate’: NYU Stern Study

NYU Stern

Industry news is pretty sparse these days but we can always whale on Facebook. Here’s a NYU Stern study that find their content moderation efforts are “grossly inadequate”. That would usually come from our Department of the Obvious but Senior Intern Jamie is out protesting with our blessing.

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