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June 10, 2020

CDP Mediarithmics Raises €8 Million to Expand in UK

CDP Mediarithmics Raises €8 Million to Expand in UK


Paris-based mediarithmics, a rare hybrid of CDP and DMP, has raised €8 million ($9.1 million), to expand in the UK market. The round brings total funding to €12 million.

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Zeotap Launches Universal ID Project

PR Web

As marketers scramble for alternatives to tracking cookies, Zeotap has launched a universal identity initiative called ID+. Starting with Zeotap’s own global identity graph, the project will use hashed personal identifiers, such as email and phone numbers, to track individuals across ad channels without violating privacy rules. More than twenty organizations are supporting the program, which will also interoperate with other universal ID schemes.

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AppsFlyer Offers Free Tracking for Owned Media

Business Wire

Mobile attribution vendor AppsFlyer has announced Zero, a free service to measure results from a company’s owned media, such as its email, social media posts, and Web sites. The service uses “deep linking” to track visitor origins. AppsFlyer will still charge to track results from paid and earned media and for people-based attribution.

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