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June 11, 2020

Neustar Data to Power Identity Resolution in Quaero CDP

Neustar Data to Power Identity Resolution in Quaero CDP


Data aggregator Neustar will provide identity resolution and data enrichment to CDP Quaero. The deal illustrates how third party data enables companies to find matches and make updates they could not discover with their own data alone.

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Stirista Raises $13 Million for Customer Data Business


Stirista also collects customer data for its clients to use in identity resolution and enhancement. They also sell prospect lists for online ad audiences and emails. Stirista just raised $13 million, which they’ll use to expand through growth and acquisitions.

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Transcend Raises $25 Million to Respond to Data Access Requests


As you’re well aware, Dear Reader, consumers have increasing rights to find out what data companies have gathered about them from Neustar, Stirista, and other sources. One result is a growing list of vendors who help companies to find that data in their systems so they can share it when asked. You can add Transcend to that list: they have emerged from beta with a $25 million Series A, bringing total funding to $29 million.

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