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June 16, 2020

Walmart Adds Shopify Merchants To Its Web Marketplace

Walmart Adds Shopify Merchants To Its Web Marketplace


Adventure! Drama! Comedy! You won’t find any of those in the news that Walmart has expanded its third-party Web marketplace to include Shopify merchants. But it’s still a reminder of Walmart’s continued development as an Amazon alternative.

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605 Launches TV Attribution Solution

Business Wire

Attribution! I can deliver on that one. TV measurement company 605 has launched a new service to measure the impact of TV ads on consumer behavior. The solution connects viewership data on 21 million U.S. households with data on foot traffic, purchases, or other behaviors.

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GroundTruth Targets Location-Based Audiences on TV and Desktop Devices


Targeting! Location-based marketing vendor GroundTruth has added Connected TV and desktop ad targeting, allowing marketers to reach people who visit particular locations when they’re somewhere else. This supplements GroundTruth’s core ability to reach those people on their mobile devices. Fun!

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