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June 17, 2020

Demandbase Acquires Engagio for More Account Based Marketing

Demandbase Acquires Engagio for More Account Based Marketing


Ah, some straight up news for a change: Account Based Marketing vendor Demandbase has bought Account Based Marketing vendor Engagio. There’s some overlap but enough difference for the deal to make sense.

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LiveIntent and Rubicon Project Offer Identity Solution without Third Party Cookies


LiveIntent, which sells advertising within emails, has entered the race to replace third party cookies. The Rubicon Project ad exchange will embed a LiveIntent identifier, based on hashed email address, in prebid headers. This lets advertisers track individuals across Web sites without revealing their actual identities.

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Segment Finds Ad Tracking and Customer Success Tools Grew Most During Pandemic


CDP vendor Segment has analyzed the tools its 20,000 clients send data it collects from Web sites and mobile apps. They found the fastest growing categories during the pandemic lockdowns were ad tracking tools, including Facebook Pixel and Google Ads, and customer success tools including Salesforce, Zendesk, and New Relic. They explain the growth in ad tracking tools as reflecting a shift to digital advertising and the growth in customer success tools as reflecting more interest in retention.

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