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October 14, 2016

Adobe Audience Manager Adds Infogroup Data, LiveRamp Introduces IdentityLink, Curata Connects Content to Cash, Gartner Reality Check on Cross-Device Identity

Infogroup Data Now Available in Adobe Audience Manager


Leading big data, marketing services and analytics provider Infogroup, announced today that its business and consumer data will be digitally available in Adobe Audience Manager, the industry’s leading data management platform (DMP), which  consolidates audience information from all available sources via its Audience Marketplace. ...

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Announcing Curata CMP: a Revolutionary Marketing Platform for Connecting Content to Revenue

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For the first time ever, businesses can now directly attribute sales pipeline, lead generation, and revenue to content. Curata CMP (Content Marketing Platform), developed by alumni from Google, Microsoft, Yale, and MIT, enables marketers to plan, manage, and measure content's impact throughout the marketing and sales funnel—all the way to the exact revenue generated by a piece of content....

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Cross-Device Identity: A Data Scientist Speaks


Trying to determine a person’s digital “identity” over time across devices is the mission of the moment. Every ad tech and mar tech platform, as well as data providers and aspirant start-ups, confuse prospects and customers alike with multi-syllabic descriptions of their deterministic and probabilistic approaches to truth.

In fact, identity matching is harder than it looks. And the payoff may not be as great as it seems. To get the perspective of an expert practitioner, we spoke to Claudia Perlich, Ph.D., Chief Scientist at ad tech provider Dstillery....

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