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June 19, 2020

Cross-Department Projects Lead to Digital Transformation Success

Cross-Department Projects Lead to Digital Transformation Success: Accenture Study


The News Gods have their little whimsies, and this week’s was to deliver three surveys related to organizational change. First we have an excellent Accenture study on what makes for successful digital transformation. They list a half dozen factors but the one that caught my eye was picking projects that force collaboration across functional lines. As opposed to the conventional wisdom which says you avoid those because they’re too hard to execute.

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Data and Business Experts Lack Shared Language: Sigma Computing Survey

Sigma Computing

Next we have a report from Sigma Computing on the challenges in building data-driven organizations. They found that data experts and business people have a tough time communicating. Can’t argue with that. Sigma’s solution is for both groups to work in a shared tool, rather than handing work back and forth. It just so happens that Sigma sells one.

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Culture is Biggest Obstacle to Becoming Data-Driven: Harvard Business Review


And here’s one from Jamie in our Department of the Obvious. This Harvard Business Review report – actually a Webinar summary – reports that the biggest obstacle to becoming a data-driven company is the lack of a data-driven culture. Glad we straightened that out.

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