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June 22, 2020

Unsecured Server Exposed Billions of Oracle BlueKai Records

33 Million Users Downloaded Malicious Chrome Extensions

InfoSecurity Magazine

Feeling calm after a nice relaxing weekend? Let’s take care of that with a reminder of all the bad guys trying to steal your data. We’ll start with news that Awake Security identified 111 malicious Chrome extensions, including 79 that had been downloaded from the Chrome Web Store more than 33 million times. It was a very sophisticated attack.

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Unsecured Server Exposed Billions of Oracle BlueKai Records


Meanwhile, another security researcher, Anurag Sen, discovered that an unsecured server had been exposing billions of Oracle BlueKai records including names, email, Web browsing history and more. No word on whether anybody with malicious intent actually got their hands on it.

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Stolen Identity Worth $1,285 on Black Market: PrivacyAffairs Study


If you’re wondering why people go to such trouble to grab your data, this study from PrivacyAffairs found a complete set suitable for identity theft would be worth $1,285 on the dark Web. Don't be too flattered: most of the value comes from $550 for a U.S. driver’s license and $550 for a European national ID card.  Unless you have both, your personal details are probably worth less than $1,285, Dear Reader. Sorry.

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