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June 23, 2020

Facebook Boycott Gains Momentum

Facebook Boycott Gains Momentum


Foxbook – I mean, Facebook – has paid few financial penalties for its defacto support of right-wing hate groups. But a one-month boycott organized by civil rights organizations has been gaining support among advertisers and agencies. The North Face, REI and Patagonia are suspending their ads while agencies including Dentsu 360i and Mediabrands Reprise are encouraging clients to follow suit.

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European Anti-Trust Regulators Probe Apple App Store


Other members of the tech elite have their own troubles. The European Commission has begun an anti-trust probe of Apple’s App Store policies, specifically focusing on the requirement that app developers use the company’s in-app purchase system. And a French court recently upheld a $57 million privacy penalty against Google.

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Clorox Partnerships Show Bright Side of Brand Power


So many brands are seen as evil that it’s worth reminding ourselves how valuable a positive brand image can be. Here’s a story about the value that Clorox is gaining from consumer trust that it’s really good at cleaning stuff. As the story puts it, “branded partnerships with major businesses sends a clear message to consumers that the Clorox name represents peace of mind.”

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