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June 24, 2020

IDG Buys ABM Vendor Triblio

IDG Buys ABM Vendor Triblio


It’s Random News Day, Dear Reader. We’ll start with tech media company IDG, which just purchased Account Based Marketing platform Triblio. The deal will expand IDG’s marketing services capabilities. The deal follows last week’s purchase of ABM vendor Engagio by Demandbase.

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Journey Launches “Zero Knowledge” Identify Verification


Next: start-up Journey has launched a “zero knowledge” identify verification platform. Credentials are encrypted on a local device and the encrypted value is then tested against a central database, which confirms or rejects it. This means the underlying personal information is never shared over a network or seen by a call center agent.

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Vistar Media and Vibenomics to Sell Audio Out of Home Ads Programmatically


Finally, we have Vibenomics, which sells ads in retail background music playlists. You probably haven’t spent much time in retail stores recently but, trust me, it’s a thing. Vibenomics just arranged with digital out of home ad platform Vistar Media to sell their ads programmatically. It’s another example of programmatic advertising spreading beyond its original home on the Web.

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