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June 25, 2020

Half of Segment CDP Users Are Outside of Engineering

Half of Segment CDP Users Are Outside of Engineering


Segment has just issued another report on what its customers are up to. Most common uses are collecting Web and mobile analytics (28%), measuring Web site conversions (17%), and integrating new analytical and marketing tools without engineering support (11%). Real-time personalized email and notifications clock in at 10%. Most intriguing, given that Segment concentrates on assembling customer data, is nearly one-quarter (24%) of Segment users are in marketing, sales, analytics, and product teams. The largest group is still engineering at 49%.

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Dun & Bradstreet Announces $8 Billion Valuation for IPO


Dun & Bradstreet announced pricing for its planned Initial Public offering, at a range that values the company around $8 billion. You may recall that private investors bought the then-public firm for $5.4 billion in August 2018. Not bad.

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Webbula Adds Consumer Purchase Intent Data

PR Web

Death of the third-party data business is clearly exaggerated. Here’s one more proof: email data provider Webbula is adding near-real-time purchase intent data to its consumer audience segments.

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