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June 26, 2020

AWS Releases No-Code App Builder

AWS Releases No-Code App Builder

Amazon Web Services

Citizen developers have a new brick to hurl through IT department windows, provided by none other than Amazon Web Services. Honeycode, just launched in beta, is a new AWS managed service that lets users build mobile and Web apps with a spreadsheet-style interface. And you IT people thought AWS was your friend.

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Knorex Adds AI-Powered Ad Campaign Management

PR Web

Quick: who’s the leading cross-channel marketing cloud platform? If you didn’t say Knorex, you haven’t read their press release. Puffery notwithstanding, they’ve just launched an intriguing AI engine that powers many steps of digital ad management, including cross-channel budget optimization, programmatic bidding, contextual targeting, and campaign strategy recommendation.

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Pattern89 Predicts Social Ad Creative Performance


Pattern89 also uses AI to guide advertising, although it limits its focus to optimizing creative elements within social ad campaigns. They just launched an enhancement that simulates ad performance before campaigns actually run. The system measures more than 49,000 attributes of images, videos, copy, and ad formats.

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