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July 1, 2020

Lytics Adds Process to Deliver CDP Value in One Week

Lytics Adds Process to Deliver CDP Value in One Week


Lytics has launched Lytics View, a quick-start process that generates AI-based offer and product recommendations in as little as one week. Data is fed into the system by Lytics’ own Web site tag, avoiding the delays of conventional data integration. Of course, you’ll probably want to add other sources eventually and there’s still that pesky need to connect with customer-facing systems to deliver the recommendations.

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Fivetran Raises $100 Million for Automated Data Connectors


Fivetran is also working to ease integration. They do it with pre-built data connectors that automatically adapt to changes in schemas and APIs. Fivetran isn’t specifically focused on customer data although that’s surely part of their offering. They just raised $100 million Series C, bringing their total to $163 million.

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Infutor Offers CRM Data Cleansing and Enhancement


Infutor does focus on customer data and on identity management in particular. They just released an online service that lets companies clean and enhance their CRM data. The service draws on Infutor’s own identity graph of more than 260 million consumers. It applies a persistent ID for identity resolution and tracking over time.

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