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July 2, 2020

BigID and TrustArc Partner on Privacy Solution

BigID and TrustArc Partner on Privacy Solution


Enforcement began yesterday for the California Consumer Privacy Act, which makes this a good time to mention that personal data discovery vendor BigID and privacy management platform TrustArc have teamed up simplify compliance with CCPA and other regulations. So I just did.

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InfoSum and Throtle Offer Privacy-Safe Customer Identification


It’s not entirely accurate to say that customer identification is the opposite of privacy, but it’s entirely wrong, either. Privacy concerns are certainly what killed third party cookies, leaving marketers to scramble for alternatives. This partnership between Identity data assembler Throtle and identity infrastructure platform InfoSum is one of many solutions jostling for position. Throtle has a big “identity graph” that lets companies add cross-channel identifiers to first party data. It’s a harder to explain what InfoSum does, but basically it lets companies combine and analyze customer data without actually sharing it.

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Bluedot Raises $9.1 Million Series B for Customer Location Alerts


Location is one of the most privacy-sensitive data types, but it’s also one that offers many customer benefits. Bluedot focuses on the advantages by providing real-time alerts that estimate accurately when customers are approaching a business location. Business has been booming during the pandemic as companies seek more efficient curb-side pickup and drive-through purchases. They just raised a $9.1 million Series B, bringing total funding to $20.4 million.

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