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July 3, 2020

Surveys Show Mixed Verdict on Work-From-Home

Most Salespeople Feel More Productive Working from Home: ringDNA Survey


Will work-from-home be more common once the pandemic ends?  Should it? Survey results are mixed. ringDNA found 84% of salespeople feel they are equally or more productive selling remotely. But most expected to return to the office regardless: just 22% said there will never be a complete return to in-office working. Download for more on the pandemic’s impact on sales and marketing methods.

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Nearly Half of Workers Feel More Productive at the Office: The Manifest Report

The Manifest

A survey by The Manifest was less favorable: just 30% of employees said they were more productive at home while 45% said they got more done in the office. Hints for home-based productivity including having a designated workspace and business hours and taking frequent breaks.

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Nearly All IT Organizations Struggle to Support Remote Workers: Hitachi ID Systems

Hitachi ID Systems

CIOs were even less pleased with remote working: 95% said their organizations had been bogged down by inefficiencies in this Hitachi ID Systems survey. Password lockouts were the most common challenge. That may not be surprising but this is: 52% said on-premise solutions had proven more agile than software-as-a-service or cloud-based solutions.

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