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July 9, 2020

Trigger Campaigns Outperform Batch Messages: Blueshift Study

Trigger Campaigns Outperform Batch Messages: Blueshift Study


CDP and messaging platform Blueshift reports on data from 14.9 billion messages sent through the system. They found that trigger-based email outperforms batch email by 497%, triggered push notifications outperform batch push by 1490%, and trigger campaigns using both channels are 283% more effective than single channel campaigns. No mention of campaign volumes, which are likely much smaller for triggered messages.

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Ecommerce Marketers Want More Personalization from Fewer Systems: Reflektion Survey


Personalization is another sure-fire way to improve campaign results. Reflektion found that personalization is marketers’ top ecommerce priority (55%) and that product recommendations are the most common type (69%). Although they wanted more personalization, marketers didn’t want more personalization systems: 65% said they currently use a single personalization vendor and 90% said they’d prefer to use just one.

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OneTrust Offers Free Privacy Compliance Tools


Spending your budget on privacy tech instead of cool things like trigger campaigns and personalization? OneTrust is offering a collection of free tools for data mapping, data access requests, cookie consent, and more. That’s free as in free beer and if there are limits, I couldn't find them listed.

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