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July 13, 2020

Next Day Delivery Is Now Normal

Next Day Delivery Is Now Normal: FitForCommerce Study


Let’s try to find some good news today, if only for the challenge. We can start with this FitForCommerce report on leading retailers, which found they were steadily adding digital services even before the pandemic. Since 2016, the number offering online purchase for in-store pickup doubled from 33% to 66% while Web display of in-store inventory rose from 39% to 67%. An impressive 69% offer next day delivery and 20% offer same day delivery. Remember when those were crazy talk?

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Most Multichannel Campaigns Use At Least Four Channels: PFL Survey


This study from direct mail company PFL finds that multi-channel marketing is further along than you may have realized. Half the respondents reported they use four or more channels in a typical multichannel campaign; three-quarters use at least three. Lots of interesting detail on which channels work best for which audiences.

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Strong Culture Key to Digital Transformation: Harvard Business Review Analytical Services Report


Maybe you’re skeptical about digital transformation. This Harvard Business Review Analytical Services study found it’s working well in Asia-Pacific: 40% of respondents said it’s helping them bring new applications to market more quickly, compared with 23% across other regions. The study says stronger corporate cultures in APAC are the big difference.

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