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July 15, 2020

Acquia Offers Digital Experience Platform

Acquia Offers Digital Experience Platform


Acquia has consolidated its recent acquisitions into Drupal Cloud for Web content management and a Marketing Cloud that includes the former AgilOne CDP and Mautic marketing automation. The two clouds are positioned as part of a larger Open Digital Experience Platform. The Marketing Cloud also includes Acquia’s Lift personalization and Maestro campaign governance tools. Actual integration doesn’t yet include shared customer profiles although that’s planned for some time next year.

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Kochava Launches Customer Identity Solution

Business Wire

Kochava is the latest adtech vendor to offer an alternative to tracking via third party cookies and device IDs. IdentityLocker will let companies match customer identities so long as consumers give their consent. There are extensive safeguards to ensure consumer intentions are honored but you have to wonder how many will consent for their data to be shared in the first place.

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Google Cloud Adds In-Process Encryption

Google Cloud

And speaking of privacy, Google Cloud plans a set of Confidential Computing services which will protect all kinds of data, not just customer identities. They just announced the beta version of the first product, Confidential VMs, which will use special hardware to encrypt data while it’s being processed. Traditionally, data had to be decrypted during processing, which gave bad guys a chance to steal it.

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