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July 16, 2020

Zeotap Raises $42 Million Series C for CDP and More

Zeotap Raises $42 Million Series C for CDP and More


Zeotap assembles first-party data in a CDP, enhances it with its own third-party data, and pushes audiences to ad platforms. They call themselves a “customer intelligence platform” which is as good a label as any, I guess. They just raised a $42 million Series C, bringing total funding to $63 million.

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AWS Adds Interactive Video Services


The fine line between delight and dystopia just got even narrower with news that Amazon Web Services is making it easier to create livestream videos. AWS customers can now attach a video stream into any Web page or mobile app in minutes and enhance it with chat, votes, polls, interactive discussions and who knows what more. Because you haven’t seen enough video recently.

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Progress Software Announces Codeless Automated Decisions

Progress Software

“Serverless business rules” may sound like a bit of optimistic restaurant graffiti. But it’s actually how Progress Software describes its tool for automated decision-making, Corticon.js. Business analysts and other citizen developer types can embed rules within JavaScript applications without coding and without connecting to a server. Tastes like freedom.

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