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July 17, 2020

EU Court Rejects Privacy Shield for U.S.-Based Data Processing

EU Court Rejects Privacy Shield for U.S.-Based Data Processing


The European Union’s highest court has invalidated the Privacy Shield agreement that lets U.S. companies freely import data on European citizens. (Here’s the press release.) It’s a big deal but transfers are still allowed when the partners sign contracts that protect data from misuse. It’s almost as if the Europeans have decided the U.S. government can’t be trusted.

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Segment Lets Clients Build Custom Connectors


Ok, back to CDP news. Segment has fully released its Functions tool, which lets users create their own connectors to import data via Webhooks and expert it to any public API. Refinements include error tracking, advanced permissions, and custom settings such as API keys and event mapping. Let’s be clear that this is a tool for developers: maybe we need to call it a yes-code interface.

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Lemnisk Adds Probabilistic Matching and AI-Based Product Recommendations


Also in CDP land: Lemnisk has added probabilistic identity stitching, AI-based product recommendations, and expanded app personalization. They’ve also built ecommerce and retail features to help move beyond their original base in financial services. They don’t claim to break new ground here but it’s always interesting to see what vendors are adding, presumably in response to client demand.

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