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July 21, 2020

Marketing Suite Insider Raises $32 Million to Enter U.S. Market

Marketing Suite Insider Raises $32 Million to Enter U.S. Market

Tech Crunch

Singapore-based Insider assembles customer data from all sources, creates AI-based audience segments and personalized messages, and pushes the results to Web sites, apps, email, messaging, and ad channels. We don’t know if they’re a CDP because they might not make their data available to other systems. We do know they just raised a $32 million Series C which they’ll use to enter the U.S. market.

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Omeda Adds Consent Management Platform for B2B Publishers


Omeda is another integrated platform, serving B2B publishers with subscriptions, marketing automation, and, yes, a unified customer database. We know they qualify as a CDP because (irony alert) they have integrations to feed data to Lytics and BlueConic. They just added a consent management platform.

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MartechTribe Releases Interactive Martech Landscape


I don’t know about your team, but people around here are bored enough that they’ve started scraping wax off the kitchen floor to see what color tile is underneath. If you’re looking for a marginally more productive activity, MartechTribe has released an interactive martech landscape that shows how often different products are used together. Hours of fun and it won’t hurt your knees.

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