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July 22, 2020

Two-Thirds of Corporate Data Is Wasted

Two-Thirds of Corporate Data Is Wasted: Seagate Report


If data isn’t captured then is it really data? It’s not quite as perplexing as why we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway, but this Seagate study does raise the question, since their estimate that 68% of data isn’t used includes 44% of data that goes uncaptured. Lots of other, probably more useful information here, including top five obstacles to using data (all relevant to CDPs) and that two-thirds of respondents think their company’s data security is inadequate. Also interesting regional comparisons if that’s helpful.

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Better Data Management Yields Higher Profits: Qlik Study


Business intelligence vendor Qlik has another data management survey. They found data quality and correctness are the biggest obstacles to using it well. But I was more intrigued that 45% of companies had a new internal data source and 40% had a new external source in the past 12-18 months. And they show that better data management correlates with higher revenue, efficiency, and profits. Oxford comma forever!

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Companies with Strong Privacy Practices Have Fewer Data Breaches: Osano Research


You’re probably not surprised that better data leads to better business results, but would you have guessed that better privacy practices correlate with fewer data breaches? Our friends at privacy tech vendor Osano rated 11,000 Web sites and found sites with the weakest privacy were twice as likely to be breached and lost seven times as many records when they were. Something to bear in mind when you’re deciding which companies can be trusted with your data.

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