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July 24, 2020

Google Cloud Offers Product Recommendations as a Service

Google Cloud Offers Product Recommendations as a Service

Google Cloud

Google Cloud has launched a public beta for Recommendations AI, an ecommerce recommendation engine offered as a managed service. It scales to millions of catalog items and can be retrained daily. But if it’s really so clever, why is Google is offering everyone the same $600 credit to try it?

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Escalated.io Blocks Malvertising But Still Collects the Revenue


“Malvertising” is advertising that loads malware onto the computers of people who click it. Not good. But ad fraud solution provider Escalated.io is now offering a product that identifies malware and stops it from being served. Delightfully, the system works “post auction”, which means malvertisers still pay for the ads. Well played.

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“Meow” Attacker Wipes 1,500 Exposed Online Databases


An unknown hacker has been finding unsecured online databases and replacing their contents with the word “Meow”. Cute, except that no one knows if the hacker is stealing the data first. He or she has now hit more than 1,500 databases, a reminder that poor security is common and motivator for data owners to improve it.

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