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July 27, 2020

Talkdesk Raises $143 Million Series C

Talkdesk Raises $143 Million Series C


The pandemic may have made it harder for new companies to raise funds, but investors do seem willing to double down on companies that have already reached significant size and industry position. Case in point: cloud contact vendor Talkdesk has just raised a $143 million Series C, raising its total to $268 million and pegging its value at more than $3 billion.

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Kantar Launches Cookie-less Measurement Solution


Meanwhile, advertisers continue to struggle to adjust to a world without third party cookies. Marketing research agency Kantar has just announced Project Moonshot, which will marry digital publisher data on who saw which ads with behavior data from Kantar’s 100 million-member consumer panel. Partners include Google, Pandora, Dish, Pinterst, Roku, Snap, Spotify and Twitter.

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Kochava and LiveIntent Partner for Expanded Identity Resolution

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Attribution platform Kochava is also upping its measurement game. They’re working with email ad vendor LiveIntent to match LiveIntent’s 290 million anonymized, email-based IDs with Kochava’s 1.7 billion email-to-device pairs. Clients will be able to add their own email-based data to the mix and use the results for activation, targeting, and measurement.

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