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July 28, 2020

Ad Revenue Rose After Removing Third-Party Trackers: Brave Study

Ad Revenue Rose After Removing Third-Party Trackers: Brave Study


I know this sounds crazy, but what if all those third-party cookies we’re so worried about losing don’t really make advertising more effective? Privacy-friendly browser Brave and Dutch publisher NPO found just that: ad revenues rose sharply when they switched from people-based to contextual targeting. Without a proper control, we don’t know if the switch to contextual was the real reason for the change, but it’s still an intriguing thought.

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Contextual Personalization Beats Behavioral Personaliztion: Innovid Survey


At first glance, this Innovid study seems to give an opposite result: 43% of consumers said that personalized ads are important. But when asked about types of personalization, 41% said contextual personalization made them more likely to click on an ad compared with 29% for behavior-based. So maybe contextual really is more effective.

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Self-Proclaimed CDP RudderStack Offers SaaS Option

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Finally, we come to RudderStack, which calls itself a Customer Data Platform but doesn’t fit our definition because they don’t store the data they collect. Instead, they move data between systems in real time, which makes them an integration platform. They’re very pleased to announce a Software-as-a-Service option in addition to the original private cloud-based version. Plenty of real CDPs also offer both, although they're not open source like RudderStack.

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