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July 30, 2020

BigID Launches Privacy App Marketplace

BigID Launches Privacy App Marketplace

Business Wire

BigID is a privacy vendor that specializes in finding where personal data is hiding in company systems. That’s one small corner of the privacy ecosystem, so it makes sense that they’ve launched an app marketplace for products that provide other privacy functions. They get buzz-points for fitting into the hot platform/app model but missed a trick in not calling it “no code”.

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Shoppable Ads Are Up Despite Over-All Ad Spend Decline: Kenshoo Report


Shoppable ads are a big trend I’ve noticed but not covered because the announcements are so narrowly product-specific. Kenshoo has come to my rescue with its quarterly report on digital advertising, which highlights over-all growth in product-specific shopping ads (up 87% to 100% year-on-year) despite the over-all slowdown in paid social (down 13%) and paid search (down 9%). Thanks, Kenshoo!

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Advertima Raises $17 Million for Retail Computer Vision


Whatever you call the opposite of a trend, the term applies to the struggling world of in-store retail. That has to make things tough for computer vision specialist Advertima, which tracks shoppers as they move through physical space. Of course, they prefer to see opportunities, such as grab-and-go shopping without paying at a register. Somebody agrees, since they just raised $17 million, raising their total funding to $26 million.

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