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July 31, 2020

Neustar Adds Cross-Channel Identity Resolution Services

Neustar Adds Cross-Channel Identity Resolution Services


There are so many companies offering cookie-free identification solutions that I may just stop treating their announcements as news. But for now let’s report that Neustar has launched Fabrik, a unified identity “ecosystem” drawing on Neustart’s proprietary huge cache of cross-channel customer identity matches. So long as you have one personal identifier, Neustar can connect that with other IDs for the same individual. Applications include individual-level targeting, personalization, data enrichment, and media measurement.

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The Trade Desk Offers Email-Based Unified ID for Ad Targeting


Ad buying platform The Trade Desk is offering the second version of its Unified ID, ditching cookies in favor of matching against a privacy-preserving encrypted ID derived from a Web site visitor’s email address. Obviously, the trick is convincing visitors to provide that. The other trick is convincing publishers to use Trade Desk’s ID, which they’re trying to do by offering it as an open source standard that anyone can apply.

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Dragonchain Spins Off Decentralized ID Solution


The other side of customer tracking by advertisers is identity management by customers. Blockchain platform Dragonchain has just spun off a new company called MyFii to develop its decentralized identity solution, which splits customer information into pieces that can be stored separately. Companies can then verify identities based on the fragments, thus avoiding the risk of storing personal identifiers. Clever.

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