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February 21, 2017

MarTech Hasn't Stopped Growing

Nuance Loop Uses AI to Make Real-Time Best Offers to Prepaid Mobile Subscribers


Nuance is best known for the speech recognition technology which powers automated telephone customer service systems. It has recently launched Nuance Loop, a much sexier product that uses artificial intelligence to monitor prepaid subscriber activities on mobile phone networks and recommend appropriate offers at the best possible moment. The company is so certain it can add value that it sells the service on a revenue sharing model. Loop is already deployed at companies with more than 700 million subscribers in total. It’s another example of how advanced the pre-paid mobile industry is when it comes to customer management.

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TouchCR Marketing Platform Integrates Data from All Salesforce.com Products


TouchCR is a just-launched Salesforce AppExchange app that can gather data from all Salesforce.com products to build a unified customer profile, append external data, and then produce reports and segmentations including enhanced RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value) scores. The segments and scores can be fed to external systems to use in campaigns.  According to TouchCR, it’s the first system to unify data from all the Salesforce clouds. It doesn’t appear to integrate non-Salesforce data.

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MarTech Funding Grew to $14 Billion in 2016: MarTech Advisor


Venture funding for marketing technology nearly doubled from $7.96 billion in 2015 to $14.05 billion in 2016, according to the Investscape 2016 from MarTech Advisor. The largest deal was $2.5 billion invested by Koch Brothers in Infor; that deal single-handedly made the platform/suite category that largest fund recipient for the year. Other top-funded categories were internet services, mobile apps, and customer experience. Lots of company-by-company details here if you’re interested.

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