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August 5, 2020

Tapad and Reveal Mobile Partner to Expand Location-Based Advertising

Tapad and Reveal Mobile Partner to Expand Location-Based Advertising


I guess there’s some irony in talking about location tracking at a time when much of the country is rarely leaving home. But the pandemic shall pass and when it does, marketers will be eager to connect the dots between advertising and in-store customer behaviors. Which brings us to this announcement that location-based ad and attribution vendor Reveal Mobile is partnering with Tapad, which will help them to measure retail foot traffic and target store visitors (and their households) across devices.

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Kroger and Meredith Combine to Improve Grocery Ad Targeting


Somewhere in the same neighborhood, grocery giant Kroger and publishing powerhouse Meredith have hatched an alliance to apply Kroger shopping data to Meredith ad audiences. Brand advertisers will be able to buy shoppable ads on Meredith properties that push items directly into Kroger online shopping carts. Or maybe they push items into real-world shopping carts, which would be an even better trick.

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Location Opt-Ins Grew During Pandemic But Still Under 11%: Airship Study


Now that you’re all excited about location-based ad targeting, here’s a reality check: this Airship study of nearly 750 million app users worldwide found just 10.7% actually opt into location sharing. The rate is a much higher 23% for retail apps and has grown 39% during the pandemic, reversing a long-term decline in recent years. So don’t get the idea that location-based ads will have anything like universal coverage. You’re welcome.

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