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August 7, 2020

CMOs Losing Control of Tech Budgets

CMOs Losing Control of Tech Budgets: CMO.com Report


You might think that CMOs losing control of tech budgets is bad news. But when CMO found CMOs owning at least 90% of their tech budget fell to 21% from 38% a year ago, their sunny interpretation was that martech is now a higher corporate priority. They didn’t comment on the drop in CDP investment priority from sixth to 14th. Lots more here of interest.

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CMOs Shift Focus to Brand Strategy: Gartner Survey


Gartner has also been polling CMOs. They found brand strategy has vaulted from ninth to first on the list of strategic capabilities, while martech has fallen slightly from sixth to seventh. They also found that 44% of CMOs are facing budget cuts due to the pandemic, a result similar to other surveys.

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Optimove Releases Self-Optimizing Customer Journeys


Definitely on the bright side, Optimove has released “self-optimizing journeys”, which autonomously determines the next best action for each individual customer. While next best action isn’t new, Optimove says its approach looks beyond short-term metrics to maximize lifetime value. Good stuff.

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