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August 10, 2020

Consumers Go Online More But Like It Less

Consumers Go Online More But Like It Less: ACSI


We have lots of surveys today, Dear Reader. We’ll start with a pair from Jamie in our Department of the Obvious. Conviva reports that streaming media consumption increased when people were trapped at home. The American Customer Satisfaction Index confirms that and adds it made them cranky: satisfaction with search engines, internet news and social media all fell. No prize for guessing that social media rates the worst on privacy.

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Consumers Value Quality and Service Ahead of Personalization: Merkle Report


Looking at consumer attitudes more broadly, Merkle offers a very interesting chart comparing how consumers rate the value vs invasiveness of different marketing messages. They also report that quality, price, reputation, service, and brand loyalty all rank ahead of personalization as reasons to buy. Catalyst Digital and Kantar found that ecommerce buyers put convenience, shopability, and assortment ahead of price, perhaps reflecting supply concerns during the pandemic. Personalization wasn’t on the list.

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Consumers Don’t Trust Companies to Protect Their Data: KPMG


Circling back to privacy, KPMG found that 68% of U.S. consumers don’t trust companies to sell personal data in an ethical way. Ponemon Institute found 74% of consumers feel they have no control over personal data collected about them, 66% feel they’ve received ads targeted on search behavior or private information, and 64% think it’s creepy when that happens. Both reports found a lmajority of consumers want more government regulation of how their data is used.

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