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August 12, 2020

Firefox Blocks Redirect Trackers and Google Analytics Adds Privacy Options

Firefox Blocks Redirect Trackers and Google Analytics Adds Privacy Options


I could fill three newsletters with what’s in the queue today. We’ll start with last week's announcement that the latest version of Firefox will delete redirect tracking cookies after 24 hours. Redirect cookies are a clever way to skirt rules against third party trackers. And while we’re reporting old news, you may have missed this item in our new privacy newsletter, reporting that Google Analytics settings give marketers more control over data collection. Worth knowing.

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Meredith Launches Data Studio to Monetize Its First Party Data


Many people hope first party will fill the gap left by vanishing third party data. Meredith is boarding that bus with a new Data Studio that will use their first party data – holding oodles of insights on 94% of U.S. women – for audience targeting, research, and matching against a company’s own first party data.

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Dynata Buys Sharpr and LoopMe Adds CTV Coverage


Here are two more items about data-based research.  Dynata, which builds research panels from more than 62 million consumer and business profiles, just bought Sharpr, which helps companies share research results internally. And LoopMe, which runs digital ad campaigns and surveys consumers to see the impact on brand attitudes, announced they’re now offering near-real-time feedback on connected TV campaigns reaching 90 million U.S. households and 250 million devices.

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