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Februry 22, 2017

Assembling Data Without CDPs (Not That You'd Want To)

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MuleSoft Files for Initial Public Offering


Data exchange platform MuleSoft filed last Friday for a $100 million Initial Public Offering. Mulesoft provides a type of integration by shuttling data between appilcation systems.  This makes it somewhat competitive with Customer Data Platforms, although it doesn’t create a persistent database or unified customer view. As it happens, CRM vendor Pegasystems announced a MuleSoft integration the day before the IPO announcement. This will make it easier for Pega to access external data.

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Hootsuite Acquires LiftMetrix for Social Marketing Analytics


In more current news, social media management vendor Hootsuite today announced acquisition of social media measurement vendor LiftMetrix. The synergy is fairly obvious. LiftMetrix connects paid, owned, and earned social campaigns to conversions, leads, and sales, allowing Return on Investment analysis. It also auto-tags content, tracks brand mentions, benchmarks against competitors, recommends campaign improvements, and stores data for external analysis.

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Denodo and Semarchy Partner to Enrich Master Data Without Storing It


Semarchy does master data management, meaning it unifies and standardizes all kinds of data, including customer identities. It makes a point of giving control to business users instead of IT departments, which is another big CDP selling point. But, unlike a CDP, Semarchy doesn’t store detailed data such as transaction histories.  Here's where Denodo comes in: Denodo is a data virtualization system, meaning it lets applications access data where it resides, which is usually the operational system that created it.. Virtual access can be useful for CDPs, but copying data into a central system is best for key functions including data cleansing, identity resolution, trend analysis, and real-time access. Semarchy and Denodo just announced a strategic partnership to collaborate in marketing their products. Such partnerships don't usually amount to much because the sales forces have their own priorities and rarely understand the partner products.  But this still means that buying CDPs just got even more confusing.

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