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August 14, 2020

Pandemic-Added Customers Are Quick to Leave

Pandemic-Added Customers Are Quick to Leave: Braze Survey


How loyal are new customers acquired during the pandemic? Not very, according to this Braze survey. While 26% of consumers have tried at least one new brand during the pandemic, their retention rate is 82% lower than customers added during previous non-COVID, non-holiday periods. A whopping 91% said they’ll consider how brands behaved during the pandemic when deciding where to shop in the future.

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Service Levels Fell During the Pandemic: Simplr Research


One reason for less loyalty has been a decline in service levels, according to Simplr research. A mystery shopper study found that email and chat wait times have increased despite brands using more digital service channels. More subtly: nearly all complex bot experiences ranked as “very poor” unless a human was standing by to help.

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Customers Have Mixed Response to Personalization: Formation.ai Study


This report from personalization vendor Formation.ai found an increase in loyalty compared with five years ago, but responses were collected before the pandemic began. The over-all finding that personalization generates loyalty is still probably valid, although customers like personalized rewards and discounts much more than personalized advertising. One weird twist: personalized Web experience, marketing email, and mobile notifications were rated both the most likely to increase brand loyalty and to decrease it.

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