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August 19, 2020

Validity Launches Unified Email Deliverability Platform

Validity Launches Unified Email Deliverability Platform


Let’s just do some straightforward martech news today, Dear Reader. We’ll start with email delivery vendor Validity, which has been on an acquisition binge. They just launched a new platform, Everest, that ties together features from several of their purchases. The company modestly says it will “give marketers everything they need to ensure email success” although it doesn’t include frills like lists, content, or products.

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Movable Ink Raises $30 Million Series C

Movable Ink

Cross-channel content platform Movable Ink has mostly grown its product through internal development, but it’s now thinking that acquisitions might be a good next step. The company just raised a $30 million Series C, bringing its total to $39 million, to help make that possible.

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CaliberMind Raises $2 Million for B2B CDP

PR Web

CaliberMind now styles itself as B2B marketing intelligence software but we still think of them as a CDP. They just raised $2 million, brining their total to $5.3 million.

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