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August 20, 2020

Google ADH Adds Dynata Data to Analyze Ad Results

Google ADH Adds Dynata Data to Analyze Ad Results


I’m intrigued by this report that citizen cybercriminals can purchase DDoS attacks as a service. But it’s not worth a news item. So instead let’s note that survey data compiler Dynata has integrated its 62 million personal profiles with Google’s Ads Data Hub. ADH, as it’s known to friends, is a sandbox that lets YouTube advertisers analyze their results without seeing any personal data.

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The Data Agency Kondigt de Overname van Invicta Aan


How’s your Dutch? Mine is non-existent, but Google Translate confirms that The Data Agency, a recently-formed combination of four Dutch data-driven marketing firms, has purchased CDP vendor Invicta. Two other components of The Data Agency, EDM and LinqID, also offer something like a CDP. Apparently the Dutch grow these like tulips.

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Informatica Buys GreenBay Technologies for Automated Integration


Back on more familiar turf, Informatica has purchased GreenBay Technologies, which offers AI-based entity matching, schema matching, and metadata graphs. The tech will strengthen Informatica’s capabilities for “self-integrating systems”. Who needs citizen integrators when robots can do the job instead?

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