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August 24, 2020

Facebook Reduces Support for QAnon

Facebook Reduces Support for QAnon


A cynic would argue that Facebook has limited some groups fostering QAnon conspiracy theories because QAnon’s extreme craziness alienates slightly-less-crazy voters inclined to support Republicans. A true cynic would say they did it to give the rightists something to rally against, while noting Facebook's actions are far from a complete ban. Either way, before you cheer Facebook’s sudden lurch towards responsibility, remember they have fostered hate groups for years and bent their rules to favor rightist misinformation.

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Ad Blocker Usage Is Down: AudienceProject Report


In more cheerful news, AudienceProject reports that self-reported use of ad blockers has dropped from 52% of U.S. respondents in 2016 to 41% in 2020. They also note that data based on actual sessions, as opposed to user surveys, shows no more than 20% of sessions are in fact blocked. Lots of interesting details including results from other countries, the impact of ads appearing near offensive content, and changes in annoyance about ads in general.

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Mobile Device Usage Grew 25% During Lockdowns: App Annie Research

App Annie

If you’ve been wondering how much mobile device usage grew during the pandemic, App Annie found mobile hours were up 25% compared with the second half of 2019 and ad placements in June 2020 were 70% higher than June 2019. PubMatic's quarterly mobile ad report found similar growth and a surge in ads bought through private marketplaces: these are expected to account for 51% of programmatic mobile ad spending in 2020, for the first time exceeding the volume on open exchanges. Private marketplaces offer less risk of inappropriate placements than open exchanges.

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