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August 25, 2020

SnapLogic Improves Automated Integration

SnapLogic Improves Automated Integration


That rasping sound you hear is me scraping the bottom of the news barrel, Dear Reader. Best I can offer today is an announcement from no-code integration platform SnapLogic of new enterprise automation capabilities including an AI-powered visual interface, prebuilt process automations, and quick-start features for data warehousing.

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Ad Fraud Down by 35%: DoubleVerify Report


We can always find something about ad fraud. Here’s a DoubleVerify report that ad fraud on connected TV grew 161% from May 2019 to April 2020, reflecting fast growth of the medium and lagging anti-fraud technology. On the bright side, over-all ad fraud was down 35% and display ad viewability improved 9%. They also report that consumers like contextual ad targeting, a fairly fraud-safe approach that DoubleVerify happens to offer.

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Work From Home Has Little Productivity Impact: Adobe Study


Continuing in our glass half empty/half full mode, Adobe found mixed reports from workers stuck at home: 32% said they were more productive and 23% said they were less productive than they were in the office. The remaining 45% saw no difference. The most missed features of office life were team collaboration and informal chats with co-workers. Bosses may be sad to learn the least missed was direct access to their supervisor.

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