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August 26, 2020

Oracle and Sourcepoint Collaborate on Privacy

Oracle and Sourcepoint Collaborate on Privacy


Privacy and Customer Data Platforms go together, although it’s not always clear whether that's cookies-and-milk together or Titanic-and-iceberg. Leaning towards the former is news that privacy compliance platform Sourcepoint is collaborating with Oracle’s Customer Experience suite, which includes Oracle’s CX Unity CDP. No specifics were announced.

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SugarCRM Buys Node for AI-Based Predictions


Predictive analytics and CRM is another well-established relationship. SugarCRM is expanding its predictive resources by purchasing Node, an AI-based platform that had raised $45 million since it was founded in 2014.

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CVS Launches Digital Ad Network


Here’s a less common coupling: retailers running digital ad networks. The connection is the retailers’ huge troves of customer data. CVS Pharmacy is the latest retailer to take the plunge, following Walmart, Target, and others. Troves for everyone!

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