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August 28, 2020

Walmart Joins Microsoft in TikTok Quest

Walmart Joins Microsoft in TikTok Quest


In a mischievously terse, 91-word statement, Walmart yesterday said they will, or might, join Microsoft’s bid for TikTok. Walmart is aggressively growing its ecommerce and advertising businesses, so this announcement makes more sense than several other aspects of TikTok saga. Walmart was already expected to pass eBay this year to become the second-largest ecommerce company.

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Location-Based Audiences Beat Facebook Click-Through Rate: Reveal Mobile Study

Reveal Mobile

Even as Walmart chases Amazon, it must occasionally look over its shoulder at Facebook’s ecommerce growth. Facebook’s strength is local retailers, who like its targeting capabilities. But this study from Reveal Mobile finds that other location-based advertising has a click-through rate more than eight times higher Facebook. They also report that 68% of retailers have been using location-based audiences more during the pandemic while 31% are using it less. Interesting.

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Narrative Raises $8.5 Million Series A for Customer Data Marketplace


Did someone say location data? Narrative will sell you that, along with demographics, devices, purchases, Web behavior, TV viewership, and other data from 30+ providers. Its online marketplace aims to remove the traditional hassle from customer data buying. Narrative just raised an $8.5 million Series A, bringing their total funding to nearly $14 million.

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