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August 31, 2020

Consumers Will Watch Ads in Return for Free TV

Consumers Will Watch Ads in Return for Free TV: Unruly Report


Let’s peer today at life’s second-most interesting topic: consumer behavior. We’ll start with this Unruly report (that’s the company name; the report is well-behaved) on connected TV viewers. Headline finding is 73% of U.S. consumers would rather watch ads on free TV than pay for ad-free TV content. Times being what they are, consumers are even more likely to seek free options: 35% have tried a new ad-supported streaming service since the pandemic began and 79% plan to continue.

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Context-Related Ads Are More Effective: Integral Ad Science Research

Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science also has a study about TV ads. They found that 74% of consumers like ads to match the content they’re viewing. Also, people are more likely to remember and feel good about ads that appear near positive content. Glad we straightened that out.

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Just 12% of New Online Grocery Shoppers Will Stick: Momentum Worldwide

Momentum Worldwide

Momentum Worldwide has been asking shoppers about their pandemic behavior. More than one-third (37%) started using grocery delivery services during the pandemic but just 12% of that group plans to continue. Here’s a surprise: as many miss in-store shopping for groceries (74%) as for clothing and shoes (75%). Try not to judge.

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