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September 2, 2020

InfoSum Raises $15 Million for Federated Data Sharing

InfoSum Raises $15 Million for Federated Data Sharing


InfoSum has technology that lets companies analyze data on shared customers without sharing the data itself. It uses Bloom filters, a term you can casually drop the next time you’re trying to impress a privacy geek. The rest of us may be impressed that they just raised $15 million to complete their Series A.

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Bad Data Can Cost 10% of Revenue: Validity Report


Lots of that data we’re so carefully protecting is wrong. This report for Validity by Demand Metric finds that most companies think at least 20% of their CRM data is incorrect, and 27% believe bad data costs more than 10% of their revenue each year. Download for more ways to scare your boss into spending on data quality.

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Companies Struggle to Keep Up With Growing Data Volume: Splunk Study


If bad data doesn’t poison you, you might still drown in the flood. That's the warning of this Splunk report, which finds that managers expect data volume to grow nearly 5x by 2025 and just 14% say their company is prepared to handle the increase. Download for interesting things about blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, 5G, edge computing, AI, Internet of Things and more. No Bloom filters, though.

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