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February 23, 2017

Tech Gets Better But Organizational Roadblocks Remain

Singtel’s Amobee Acquires Turn. Are You Excited?


Singtel’s Amobee division announced today it is acquiring Turn for $310 million. If you know those companies, that's really interesting.  If not, some explanation would help.  Briefly: Amobee tracks digital content consumption to the tune of 60 billion interactions per day across Web, social, mobile and video platforms. It analyzes the data, builds cross-device consumer profiles, and uses the results to execute advertising programs.  Turn is a Data Management Platform and Demand Side Platform, meaning it helps marketers select digital audiences (the DMP part) and buy ads to reach those audiences (the DSP part). So the combination will offer an impressive bundle of services. Singtel is a giant Asian telecom provider which bought Amobee in 2012 for $321 million.

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DigSite Promises Next-Day Automated Consumer Research

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Here's a simpler story: DigSite will deliver consumer reactions to proposed products, ad concepts, graphic designs, and such in 24 hours. The company assembles online consumer groups, presents materials, gathers reactions, and analyzes the results. DigSite carefully avoids the term “focus group” but that’s what it sounds like to me. They previously turned around their projects in one week but have now streamlined their process.

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Monetate Study: Organizational Issues Are Biggest Obstacle to Personalization


A survey by personalization vendor Monetate found that just 6% of respondents have deployed advanced personalization, compared with 56% who are working on it, 28% who are just starting out, and 10% who aren’t doing anything. By far the biiggest roadblock was organizational issues (cited by 91%), followed by automated decisions at scale (79%) and assembling a complete, real time customer view (68%). We’ve heard this song before: people see technology is just one barrier to unified personalized customer experience, and not the most important. Quite a bit of other interesting information in this study, such as the negative correlation between personalization success and dedicated personalization staff.  Worth a look.

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